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quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

Keeping up with: Kay Windstorm

Kay Windstorm, a busy bee indeed.. I was able to snatch her for a photoshoot and interview with me and to find out a little more about the sexy beauty. Always admired how hard she works on the SL Confidential online mag and her eye for talent. I decided a sensual photoshoot would be a great way to capture her..

So what do you actively indulge in SL? Such as hobbies and/or work? 
I'm deeply involved in SL Confidential, the online porn magazine created by my husband Naught.  I'm the Editor In Chief, and I run the daily operations of the magazine.  That work keeps me pretty busy.  If I have spare time, I enjoy shopping :)

How did you find yourself in the photography or modeling scene? 
SL is a fantasy world, people come here to live out fantasies they may not normally do in their own real lives.  I started out doing a bit of porn after being an escort/stripper, then decided to go to L'Amour modeling school to know how to look at myself critically in and out of clothes :) 

Whats the worst pick-up line you have had?
Laughing.... "wanna sex?"

The highlight or best moment of your SL so far? 

The best moment of my life is when my partner Naughtius proposed to me.  He's brilliant, sexy, caring, and the most special person in SL I have ever met. I'm an extremely lucky woman. 

Who is the biggest influence in your life or inspiration? 
Naught inspires me fully.  I only dabbled in photography before we met, helping him run the magazine pushed me to expand and be more creative.  I think if you surround yourself with the right people in life, only positive things happen with it. 

What is 1 thing people do not know about you? 

I'm a brunette in rl :)

3 of your favorite Quotes?
1.  "I'm sitting here butt naked, with nothing between me and my shoes".... John Taylor , bassist for Duran Duran

2. "I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame.  I simply follow my own feelings".  Amadeus Mozart

3. "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity".   Edgar Allan Poe 

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