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sábado, 8 de julho de 2017

Keeping up with: Graham Collinson

Recently had some time to catch up with talented and creative Photographer Graham Collinson. Someone who has an eye for artistic shots and able to capture his models in a sensual way that makes his style very distinguishable. So after snatching him away, I got him pose for me in my studio followed by a quick chat..

So what do you actively indulge in SL? Such as hobbies and/or work?
The only regular thing I do on sl is really taking pics. As I dont
edit, I have to get it right inworld which can take some time. Finding props and set up the sets I use can take some too.

How did you find yourself in the photography/modeling scene?
That was a total coincidence. I was at the Japan Tempura Island, back in may 2010 and started playing with some rays there and kinda got hooked.

Whats the worst pick-up line you have had?
Not really sure, but heard something about a viking and his horns at some point. Just for the record: vikings didnt have horns on their helmets:)

If you could do anything in SL, what would it be?
Good question... Fly maybe?

Who is the biggest influence in your life or inspiration?
I must say my bestie Maria and Zoe. They are both incredible girls who I have learned and still learn a lot from. I could write about them for hours really:)

What keeps you coming back to secondlife?
My photography and some of my friends.

What is 1 thing people do not know about you?
Probably my big dark secret: I sit when I pee.


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