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quarta-feira, 19 de julho de 2017

Keeping up with: Terrance Maurer

Some people know a great deal and some know very little about pornie Terrance. So today we have a chance to delve a little deeper into his world. So I grabbed this handsome beefcake and had a lovely photoshoot and an interview. 

So what do you actively indulge in SL? Such as hobbies and/or work?

I do not work in SL I am just to lazy lol. No I don't have the patience to learn the fast changing things. Just when i first started to learn how to build they popped sculpties on the scene.

Then as I struggle to learn how to work with them mesh arrived, so I gave up being a builder it is just too time consuming for me to learn. It takes away from my having fun time which involves shopping, dancing with my beautiful friends, being totally amazed and in awe of everything I see others do in SL. 
I have been here since 12/28/06 on my first Avi and then since 2008 on Terrance. I can honestly say I have been amazed every single day. Love to take pictures of beautiful people, my hobby now is being lazy watching my incredibly talented partner work her busy bee magic . 

     Who is the biggest influence in your life or inspiration?

The biggest influences would have to be my parents. My Mother is gone now but was my rock and the glue that bonded our strong family together. My father was the strong protector , provider and example of how to grow up as a loving good Father and man. My inspiration are my two real life kids my son the musician and my daughter the photographer. Two loves of my own life, music and captured memories.

             What is 1 thing people do not know about you?

I cry at emotional parts of movies. I am a very emotionally empathic person.

           The highlight or best moment of your SL so far?

Hands down its meeting Rachel Swallows. My whole life I always went on the premise opposites attract, and I have never found anyone that loved me back as fiercely, as deeply, as fully as I have loved them. Rachel is like my female twin the other half of my whole person. We are and have so much in common. Our likes and dislikes, and just about every thing are the same.
No matter what happens with our relationship over time in sl, I believe that in another life we would have been the most complete perfect couple. Opposites attract I know now is so wrong. I love that I have found my other me, and she is the best thing in my sl or rl aside from my two real life kids.

              Whats the worst pick-up line you have had?

Like I am going to embarrass myself here with that no way lol.  I was drunk one night in a bar with friends though and saw a group of girls at another table drinking beers.
They were grabbing the beer bottles in their mouths then tipping their heads back, and taking drinks then laughing about it. 

I caught this one blond girls eye, and told her if she could take the other end of the bottle in her mouth she was hired. Lol such a pig. Well when she finished her bee,r she caught my eye flipped the bottle round and put the fat end in her mouth. We dated for 2 years lol after that night, damn!

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