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sábado, 30 de dezembro de 2017

Its Here! BED.Studios 2018 Calender

 Finally its here! Long awaited but ready for a lush new year with these erotic hunks! Big thank you to the models xoxo Grab your free copy below on SL marketplace


terça-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2017

2018 BED.Studios Calender Teaser!

Not long before the official release of the BED.Studios zodiac themed calender for 2018! Featuring some of your favorite hunks in the erotic and porn scene.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first BED.Studios calender, a sure fire collection of photos to get you drooling !..


quarta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2017

Coming Soon: Hunks of Porn 2018 Calender!

Bringing BED.Studios to life again with a hotter than hot calender, for the ladies to feast their eyes on some of the hottest erotic and explict models/actors SL has to offer.

Stay tuned Here and Inworld for more news.

Kisses from Goo x 

quarta-feira, 19 de julho de 2017

Keeping up with: Terrance Maurer

Some people know a great deal and some know very little about pornie Terrance. So today we have a chance to delve a little deeper into his world. So I grabbed this handsome beefcake and had a lovely photoshoot and an interview. 

So what do you actively indulge in SL? Such as hobbies and/or work?

I do not work in SL I am just to lazy lol. No I don't have the patience to learn the fast changing things. Just when i first started to learn how to build they popped sculpties on the scene.

Then as I struggle to learn how to work with them mesh arrived, so I gave up being a builder it is just too time consuming for me to learn. It takes away from my having fun time which involves shopping, dancing with my beautiful friends, being totally amazed and in awe of everything I see others do in SL. 
I have been here since 12/28/06 on my first Avi and then since 2008 on Terrance. I can honestly say I have been amazed every single day. Love to take pictures of beautiful people, my hobby now is being lazy watching my incredibly talented partner work her busy bee magic . 

     Who is the biggest influence in your life or inspiration?

The biggest influences would have to be my parents. My Mother is gone now but was my rock and the glue that bonded our strong family together. My father was the strong protector , provider and example of how to grow up as a loving good Father and man. My inspiration are my two real life kids my son the musician and my daughter the photographer. Two loves of my own life, music and captured memories.

             What is 1 thing people do not know about you?

I cry at emotional parts of movies. I am a very emotionally empathic person.

           The highlight or best moment of your SL so far?

Hands down its meeting Rachel Swallows. My whole life I always went on the premise opposites attract, and I have never found anyone that loved me back as fiercely, as deeply, as fully as I have loved them. Rachel is like my female twin the other half of my whole person. We are and have so much in common. Our likes and dislikes, and just about every thing are the same.
No matter what happens with our relationship over time in sl, I believe that in another life we would have been the most complete perfect couple. Opposites attract I know now is so wrong. I love that I have found my other me, and she is the best thing in my sl or rl aside from my two real life kids.

              Whats the worst pick-up line you have had?

Like I am going to embarrass myself here with that no way lol.  I was drunk one night in a bar with friends though and saw a group of girls at another table drinking beers.
They were grabbing the beer bottles in their mouths then tipping their heads back, and taking drinks then laughing about it. 

I caught this one blond girls eye, and told her if she could take the other end of the bottle in her mouth she was hired. Lol such a pig. Well when she finished her bee,r she caught my eye flipped the bottle round and put the fat end in her mouth. We dated for 2 years lol after that night, damn!

quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

Keeping up with: Kay Windstorm

Kay Windstorm, a busy bee indeed.. I was able to snatch her for a photoshoot and interview with me and to find out a little more about the sexy beauty. Always admired how hard she works on the SL Confidential online mag and her eye for talent. I decided a sensual photoshoot would be a great way to capture her..

So what do you actively indulge in SL? Such as hobbies and/or work? 
I'm deeply involved in SL Confidential, the online porn magazine created by my husband Naught.  I'm the Editor In Chief, and I run the daily operations of the magazine.  That work keeps me pretty busy.  If I have spare time, I enjoy shopping :)

How did you find yourself in the photography or modeling scene? 
SL is a fantasy world, people come here to live out fantasies they may not normally do in their own real lives.  I started out doing a bit of porn after being an escort/stripper, then decided to go to L'Amour modeling school to know how to look at myself critically in and out of clothes :) 

Whats the worst pick-up line you have had?
Laughing.... "wanna sex?"

The highlight or best moment of your SL so far? 

The best moment of my life is when my partner Naughtius proposed to me.  He's brilliant, sexy, caring, and the most special person in SL I have ever met. I'm an extremely lucky woman. 

Who is the biggest influence in your life or inspiration? 
Naught inspires me fully.  I only dabbled in photography before we met, helping him run the magazine pushed me to expand and be more creative.  I think if you surround yourself with the right people in life, only positive things happen with it. 

What is 1 thing people do not know about you? 

I'm a brunette in rl :)

3 of your favorite Quotes?
1.  "I'm sitting here butt naked, with nothing between me and my shoes".... John Taylor , bassist for Duran Duran

2. "I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame.  I simply follow my own feelings".  Amadeus Mozart

3. "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity".   Edgar Allan Poe 

Link to Kay's Flickr:

Link to SL Confidential Mag:

sábado, 8 de julho de 2017

Keeping up with: Graham Collinson

Recently had some time to catch up with talented and creative Photographer Graham Collinson. Someone who has an eye for artistic shots and able to capture his models in a sensual way that makes his style very distinguishable. So after snatching him away, I got him pose for me in my studio followed by a quick chat..

So what do you actively indulge in SL? Such as hobbies and/or work?
The only regular thing I do on sl is really taking pics. As I dont
edit, I have to get it right inworld which can take some time. Finding props and set up the sets I use can take some too.

How did you find yourself in the photography/modeling scene?
That was a total coincidence. I was at the Japan Tempura Island, back in may 2010 and started playing with some rays there and kinda got hooked.

Whats the worst pick-up line you have had?
Not really sure, but heard something about a viking and his horns at some point. Just for the record: vikings didnt have horns on their helmets:)

If you could do anything in SL, what would it be?
Good question... Fly maybe?

Who is the biggest influence in your life or inspiration?
I must say my bestie Maria and Zoe. They are both incredible girls who I have learned and still learn a lot from. I could write about them for hours really:)

What keeps you coming back to secondlife?
My photography and some of my friends.

What is 1 thing people do not know about you?
Probably my big dark secret: I sit when I pee.


sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

Welcome! I want to take this opportunity to formally introduce The BED.time Story - a new blog that showcases and highlights beauty, sensuality, sex and eroticism in SL.

We feature the baddest the beautiful and the hunkiest on the grid. From diverse backgrounds, creeds and orientations. With brief interviews on their experience in SL and a photoshoot with them.

To the readers and viewers, I hope you enjoy the content that will be pouring into this blog and im very much looking forward to showcasing all the hot talent in SL.

Yours Sincerly,

Goo (nickixsantos Resident)